The internet says I must be around 10 years old.

Based on the popularity of my first name among a crop of developing teenagers I am far from the expected random distribution.

The truth is that the reliability of this reality is approaching a state of natural zero.

The scope of the enveloping conflict expands daily, in new and different manners.

Even our most basic conceptions must be repeatedly questioned and repudiated.

Words, in the end, are the only tools we have to seek collective truths.



Overloaded with junk.

Made the mistake of indulging in industrial junk food today after exploring my downtrodden neighbourhood.  Now I feel bloated and grotesque, so here are the thing that are devouring my attention today.

America remains a place the folk are dying to get into. I can understand that it’s a beacon, but it’s also terrifying.

I’ve been trying to avoid posting stories related to the holy land wars, as they have been going on as long as I remember. Nonetheless, it remains deathly important for many people.

On the home front, people keep coming up with new and different ways to cheat the systems.

This seems a persistent characteristic, all the way up to the top of the pyramid. Everyone is fighting to win a rigged game.

Technology continues to make larceny a more attractive option for the egoist.

This is a perhaps-understandable result of an infotainment complex which allows people to choose to believe anything.

As work becomes more and more pervasively offer, more and more people will turn away from it for vice, violence and crime.

This will be evidenced by a vigilante atittude, at both the highest and lowest levels.


You have used 75% of your available bandwidth.

Got a rude notification from the #rogersrapist company today that our household has been performing in excess of its stipulation. We’re going to slow down our internet usage for the remainder of the month, in an attempt to avoid a punitive billing.

To that end I have fewer links to post today. My most recent client has, predictably, not released the escrow funds associated with my last complete project. Thus I’m forced to wait for their eventual release by machine, which will take a month. Meanwhile, the thousand-dollar refund I’ve been expecting from Ottawa since March has now disappeared from my CRA balance and not appeared in my credit union account.  Huzzah.

Over on Facebook I’ve been engaged in a discussion about a twitter user and how anonymity should be applied in casual reporting. With everyone on their phone these days, public space is truly a minefield of possible contempt.

In our modern media universe, the inevitable march to war seems to progress much slower than that experienced by those who relied on their immediate social siblings and broadcast/published propaganda during the last great global conflict.

The use of harder drugs may go hand in hand with this progression. Control networks more perfidious and inexorable may be created in societies where a certain level of wildly illicit lifestyle is tacitly accepted.


Dealing with the Tax (Wo)man.

So I’ve been on the telephone literally non-stop since February trying to arrange the release of my tax rebate. The trouble they’re having is this: There are at least three different offices with liens drawn up against my social security number. One is from a private corporation founded under Mike Harris, the others from various other Revenue Canada divisions. Most involve student loans. I long ago sent authorization to disburse funds owing me proportionately to claimants withing the government who seek recompense of funds they’ve fronted me.

They just don’t seem to be able to do it.

I signed for my student loans at the age of 17, and was explicit with the government that I was that age and therefore unable to enter into a binding contract.

So I have a pool of funds sitting in my online account at the CRA. I can see them there, but they will not pay out. Since February, this has been the condition.

In prior years, this procedure has been seamless. After filing my return, the various claimants each received a modest share and the remaining overages were refunded to me so that I could continue to pursue my obligations as a citizen in a prompt manner.

This year, however, everything is obviously turmoil in their offices.

It’s times like this I wish I’d held onto the various 416-area codes I’ve owned. They seem to be selling for anywhere from $500 to $1000. That much liquid capital could help me a see a few months further out.

This concern is personal and removed from the geopolitical context, which is this: humans are incompatible with nature.

Abuse of authority is rampant. When I was a cop, I used to spend a lot of time on, because I could just cue up a list of news articles that interested me and let them play. I suppose that’s what I’m doing here.

Our abuse of this planet and its people is pretty much untenable, and yet we abide as it grows worse and worse. Eventually the pit will consume us all.

Our inhospitable humanity is rooted in a preference for things and ideas. Concepts worth killing for.

Eventually a society discovers that it doesn’t matter how many people you kill, you can’t forestall resource depletion forever. The earth is alive and evolving much faster than we could ever hope for ourselves.

We place value in imaginary, infallible people and then feel the need to defend them, as though their immortal selves were somehow more vulnerable to tarnishing, not less so because of it.

Yet, despite all this species-wide self-loathing, I just can’t get behind any effort to blow it all up. Especially when saying so might inconvenience others and land me in jail.


50 Shades of Valentines.

Today’s “major” story is the release of a trailer and date for the movie adaptation last season’s unreadable abuse paperback “50 Shades of Grey.” It’s being released on valentine’s day, to everyone’s feigned surprise and mock horror.

The body of a dead girlfriend was found in a cottage north of Toronto. I have a friend who was up there last week, and she immediately recognized the water frontage of the property, because of the unique dock. She thinks this is “Awesome.”

In China, four police officers were killed by a rebellious crowd then they assaulted an independent cameraman. The man also subsequently died, but the woman whom the cops were initially assaulting survived.

California, meanwhile, is stuck in its own Kafkaesque jurisdictional quagmire, with homeowners forced to decide between paying a $500 water-use fee or a $500 decrepit property fee.

One Californian has taken the bold step of seizing a rental through the force of this same legislative incompetence.

The rich an famous continue squabble about money and the definition of rich and famous.

Professional sports leagues are intrinsically bad for society.

And aliens spored in the Arizona desert.

Mission Statement

This blog exits because I can’t be in Ontario all the time. I have a wide pool of comrades there. I see everyone there as my comrade, in fact, as we are all fighting the same struggle for peace and prosperity. I enjoy participating in the general discourse of the place, and this is why I have campaigned for the office of M.P.P. whenever I’ve been in-country and eligible during election time.

When I am not in Canada, I maintain my relationships with people and ideas using the internet and its many interesting journalistic resource. To that end, this site will act as a repository of links to the websites which inform my thinking. I am aiming to publish daily, with a summary of what I’ve read and how it’s coloured my perception of the world around us.

The site will also host a small portfolio of my works, for the purpose of edifying prospective employers.

A Polemic.

War and governments are the same thing. Thus the schism between the church and state. Religion, generally, arises from human recognition of the truth behind the concept of non-duality; as a people realize that they all bear equal burden as co-creators of our shared experiential reality, they develop and codify an understanding that helping one another to live in peace and mutual abundance leads to peace and mutual abundance.

Government seeks neither of these things. Rather, it specifically eschews the things the rational mind desires, replacing them with a governing pathology dictatorially enslaved to the forever expanding accretion of existing pay-back scheme. It’s pile after pile of pipe  dreams sold to eager young men and women willing to sacrifice their peace and abundance for the illusory trappings of power over one’s fellow human creatures. It can hang around long after its original beneficiary expires, continuing to exert mendacious intent

Much the same could be said about buildings. They are constructed by a specific people in a specific location for a specific purpose, and much like government writ & script they continue to pervade the community of their creation long after the conceptual framework impelling their erection has abated. Buildings help people function in space, while laws help them function in time. Religion, ideally, helps them function in the moral dimension.

Government, of course, doesn’t recognize this distinction. The nature of the malady is that the patient assumes a grandiose limitlessness to purview of possible proscription. Inevitably, the impulse is to over-reach, especially when those who govern are granted insufficient time to reach and express rationality. Thus does government transgress into the moral realm, bringing with it the original sin of having sanctioned innumerable murders. Why would religion even want association with such a monster?

Religion is pragmatic. It understands Organicism, and feels that is can address the body politic as another supplicant body seeking self knowledge, and it sees the political apparatus as the head. It can offer the group-soul salvation. A mythic purging of the collective sin and absorption of the collective loss. It looks great on TV.

Religion intrudes into politics on a pretty consistent basis, and on many different vectors. It is incredibly individual, with each particular feint and shuffle arising in a new and unique scenario that also somehow fits a larger narrative revolving around universal principles. Each instance advances the common mental dialog in one direction or another, prolonging the narrative and furthering the cannon, while at the same time very little spatial or temporal effect in the vast majority of the actual world. People are forced to live the world the way that it is, discussing how wonderful it might be in some particular future state, all the while actively working to maintain the illusion of their own individual supremacy.

The truth is that we are all the lowest peg on the board. The only way buildings get built is by people working together. Nobody’s voice is loudest.

The buildings that remain in the “Holy Land” are special because of the people who built them and the dreams they had. The dreams, however, have hung around long enough to become nightmares. Nightmares that grow more heinous and grotesque with each new iteration of being pounded down into dust.

The places are meaningful, because they still exist. The old stories, the old dreams, these things are meaningless. They exist only in the fantasy world, the allegory place, where the ego re-confirms itself  each time it must again survey the impending moral topography and adopt a sure-footed path.